How do you remove a color bleed stain?


In order to remove color bleed stain in clothes, you will need to rewash the clothes without the clothing that bled. Wash the clothing in non-chlorine bleach or white vinegar that is distilled. Once the clothes are washed, simply put them in the dryer.
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Dye transfer, when one color bleeds onto another during a wash cycle, commonly occurs when a red sock or another brightly hued item accidentally ends up in a load of whites. As a
My Laundry Question. Maroon and Cream cotton striped shirt. Like 4inch thick stripes (Husbands favorite sweater) How do I remove the Pink bleed from the cream stripes, without removing
Removing a stain depends on the type of stain. Determine if it is dye, protein, tannin, oil, or a combination stain in order to be more efficient. If you do not know, follow the steps
Just re-wash the green jeans again by themselves. Use the hottest water temperature recommended on the care tag and regular laundry detergent. Re-washing alone should remove both
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