How do you remove concrete steps?


To remove concrete steps, first determine the concrete type. Wear protective clothing and check the makeup of the steps. Use a jack-hammer to cut the blades. Finally, check the joints of your foundation steps and cut the concrete with a saw.
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1. Determine if the steps are pre-cast concrete. If they are, they are hollow and easily carted away with a furniture dolly and a helper. 2. Wear safety glasses. If the steps are
1. Go to to purchase Concrete Rust Remover. 2. Clean off dirt and debris from the area to be cleaned. 3. Mix the desired amount of rust remover powder with water
1. Clear the room of any furnishings and home decor. Removing concrete underlay will create a lot of dust, and anything inside the area where you're taking out the concrete will be
1. Shake the stripper's container vigorously to mix the contents. 2. Pour a quart or so of stripper into a paint tray. 3. Spread and scrub the solvent into the concrete with a solvent-resistant
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How to Remove Concrete Steps
Renovations are happening at your house. It's time to bring the house from the 1950's into the new millennium, so closing off one exterior door and removing a set of steps has to happen. Usually, concrete steps are set on their own foundation and not on... More »
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