How do you remove concrete steps?


To remove concrete steps, first determine the concrete type. Wear protective clothing and check the makeup of the steps. Use a jack-hammer to cut the blades. Finally, check the joints of your foundation steps and cut the concrete with a saw.
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1. Determine if the steps are pre-cast concrete. If they are, they are hollow and easily carted away with a furniture dolly and a helper. 2. Wear safety glasses. If the steps are
Concrete steps makes the best steps since it doesn't need or need less repairs if compared to a wood step that could rot overtime from rain.You can find more information here:
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How to Remove Concrete Steps
Renovations are happening at your house. It's time to bring the house from the 1950's into the new millennium, so closing off one exterior door and removing a set of steps has to happen. Usually, concrete steps are set on their own foundation and not on... More »
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If you dog has left a fecal stain on your concrete you can easily clean it up with a few easy steps. You will need pet stain remover such as Odorcide and soft ...
The cost of precast concrete steps is dependent on the size and weight of the step or slab, in addition to the amount of pieces that will be used to complete the ...
Steps of precast concrete come already built. You need only prepare the area where they will be placed. You need to go dig down about 8 inches into the ground ...
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