How do you remove a shower flow restrictor?


In order to remove a showerhead flow restrictor, one will need the following materials: wrench, screwdriver, and a rag. The first step in this removal is to turn the selector of the showerhead all the way to the left. Next, turn on the shower for 2 seconds and then turn it off.
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1. Turn the spray selector on the showerhead all the way to the left, then all the way to the right and then to the center position. Turn the shower on for 2 seconds and then off
Flow restrictors are used to regulate the water pressure. If it says removable, that means that it can only be adjusted during the installation. This is because the restrictor is
Remove the shower head, careful not to damage the finish - use a cloth and an adjustable wrench. With the head removed, use a Phillips head screw driver and unscrew the plastic restrictor
To remove the air restrictor on the Nerf Longshot drill
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Flow Restrictor Removal
The shower head in your bathroom likely contains a flow restrictor that restricts the amount of water coming through in an effort to save water. If you would like to increase the flow of water, with a few simple tools you can remove the flow restrictor... More »
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