How to Remove Foxing on Paper?


Foxing refers to rust-brown colored flaws on paper. This condition is usually found on items produced in the 18th and 19th centuries. Its exact cause is unknown though humidity is a key factor. To remove foxing from paper, you first of all inspect the book for any moisture. You sprinkle corn starch onto pages that are wet and wait about 15 minutes before you wipe it away with a soft piece of cloth. And finally, lay out the book until it completely dries out.
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1. Inspect the book for any remaining moisture. If the books is only slightly damp, open it up in the center and set it in a dry, warm area. 2. Sprinkle corn starch onto any pages
The easiest way to remove contact paper is with a hair dryer. Start peeling the contact paper from the corner while heating it with the hair dryer. There are products available that
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1 Acquire sandpaper, any type will work as long as the grit is between 180 and 220. Tear off a section measuring approximately 1" by 1". You may also want to have an eraser
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Foxing is the term for browning and age-related spots on paper documents such as certificates, stamps, and books. Removing foxing is not easy as different things ...
To remove foxing, youâ€â&dbquo;¢ll need cornstarch, dish soap, and water. Start by sprinkling ...
The 'Secret' to removing foxing is firstly understanding the structure of the manufacture of the many different types of paper and creating a mordant to 'fix' ...
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