How can one remove a gasoline smell from clothes?


Removing gasoline smell from clothes is a fairly simple process that involves soaking the clothes in baby oil and then washing as normal. Don't wash the smelly, baby oil soaked clothes with other dirty clothes; simply do a load of only the clothes that have been soaked in baby oil. Once the clothes have been washed, it's best to hang them to dry rather than using a clothes dryer. If any gasoline smell or stain remains, the intense heat generated by a clothes dryer can cause a fire.
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1. Place all of the clothes that have been soaked with gasoline into your top loading washer. If you have a front loading washer, it may be difficult to implement these steps effectively
Spray VaporRemed on clothes to remove odor first before machine wash.
Always try to remove the stain as quick as possible, undressing if you have to, because the longer it stays in the clothing, the harder it is to get out. Try rubbing alcohol, or hydrogen
1. Check your washer. It may sound strange, but your washer could be the source of the mildew. Front-load washing machines are especially prone to trapping moisture and growing mold
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To remove soured smells out of clothing you need to rewash it. Fill washer with hottest water the clothing can be washed in. Add one cup of baking soda, color ...
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