How can one remove a gasoline smell from clothes?


Removing gasoline smell from clothes is a fairly simple process that involves soaking the clothes in baby oil and then washing as normal. Don't wash the smelly, baby oil soaked clothes with other dirty clothes; simply do a load of only the clothes that have been soaked in baby oil. Once the clothes have been washed, it's best to hang them to dry rather than using a clothes dryer. If any gasoline smell or stain remains, the intense heat generated by a clothes dryer can cause a fire.
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1. Place all of the clothes that have been soaked with gasoline into your top loading washer. If you have a front loading washer, it may be difficult to implement these steps effectively
Spray VaporRemed on clothes to remove odor first before machine wash.
1 Kill the mold by soaking the clothes overnight in a solution such as one of the following: One cup ammonia to one gallon warm water; or One cup of white vinegar to one gallon warm
I washed some mechanics rags with some jeans and shirts and other colors. Unfortunately the rags, 3 or 4, were wet with gasoline from a project I was working on. I have a front load
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