Remove Glue from Concrete Floor?


Glue can be a difficult to remove from a concrete floor depending on the duration it has been on the floor. Therefore, to remove glue from the floor, you need to pour hot water on the area with the glue. Wait for 30 minutes and scrape of the glue with a glue remover tool. After getting rid of the glue, you can clean your floor.
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1. Remove all carpet remnants by scraping with a heavy-duty blade or spackling tool. Take off as much of the carpet chunks as you can. 2. Use the push broom to sweep away the remnants
Difficult to judge from here. If the adhesive was brown it may have penetrated the marble you need to grind the marble and use hydrogen peroxide. A treatment only for VERY experienced
It depends on whether it is a water (latex) based paint or a oil based paint. If it is oil based paint it may not come out, but if it is a water (latex) based paint use 'Goof Off'
1. Sweep dirt and dust from the concrete floor with a stiff-bristle broom. 2. Heat water in a large stock pot to almost boiling. Pour the water slowly over the adhesive on the concrete
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How to Remove Glue From a Concrete Floor
It requires quite a bit of elbow grease, but removing glue from a concrete floor isn't complicated. If you're planning on refinishing the concrete, such as applying a stain or a sealer, you'll want to make sure you completely remove all glue and its... More »
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