Remove Lint from Clothes?


To remove lint from clothes, get a lint brush. Also, use masking or duct to remove annoying pieces of lint.
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1. Lay out the garment on a bed or any clean surface. 2. Place several fingers together and wrap either masking tape or cellophane tape around them. Make sure the sticky side faces
All you have to do is use a lint roller. You can also use tape. I am in school right now with lint all over my black dress shirt. I need a lint roller! ASAP!
My Laundry Question. I washed a dark navy polo shirt and black jersey blouse in a load of laundry that also contained a dark blue fuzzy pajama top that I had just received for Christmas
The lint brushes Sweetpea is talking about can usually be found in a hardware store, like Home Hardware or Home Depot or one of those types of places. I have seen them there in the
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Removing lint while washing is typically a hard thing to do. Sometimes lint will come off while the clothes are agitated in the wash, but sometimes they can collect ...
Lint refers to short and fine fibres, which are separate from the surface of piece of cloth or yarn. It may also refers to a piece of fabric, which is originally ...
There are several different ways to get lint off of clothes. Of course, the simplest would be to have a lint roller. If one is not available, take a piece of ...
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