How do you remove a locked gas cap without a key?


The best way to remove a locking gas cap without a key is to use channel locks. Take the channel locks and grab the top of the cap and bend it downwards. The cap will snap off and the rest of it can be unscrewed with pliers or your hand.
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1. Unlock the fuel-fill access door. Some cars with electric door lock systems will secure the access door over the gas cap whenever the car is locked. Simply unlock a door on the
open the passenger door,and look where the hinges are...there is a manuel pull behind the can see it while sitting in the passenger
A key is the only way to open the
please do not use your method, only two ways; go to a locksmiths location,and pay him $15-25 dollars. with a large "channel lock" type plyers, grab the cap and force down
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