Remove Melted Crayon from Car Seat?


It is quite easy for a crayon to get into the back seat of a car and get forgotten about until you see the remnants of what used to be a crayon melted nicely onto the fabric after a warm day. You can remove melted crayon from a car seat in a number of ways. You can try scraping it off with an ice cube, applying a hot iron to a brown paper bag that is covering the stain or try some WD-40.
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1. Scrape off as much of the melted crayon as you can with a dull edge. Use an ice cube to harden the crayon if necessary. 2. Choose a cleaning fluid. Two common cleaning fluids that
To remove melted crayon from a car seat scrape off as much of the
DO NOT use anything hot! Put ice on the melted crayon to make it brittle, and peel it off the seat. Using anything with heat will drive it deeper in the fabric. Source(s) auto detailer
Start by carefully scraping off as much as possible with a butter knife. Then place some absorbent material over it, paper towel without printing on it or terrycloth. Place an iron
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1. Scrape away as much crayon as possible with a butter knife. Use the dull edge to scrape, not rub, the melted crayon. Collect and discard the crayon shavings ...
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