Remove Musty Smell from Furniture?


Removing a musty smell from furniture depends on the type of furniture; upholstered furniture will require different methods than wood furniture. If the furniture is made from wood, dehumidifying is the first method to use. If that doesn't work, sanding and refinishing may be necessary. When dealing with upholstered furniture, the first step is to vacuum the entire piece of furniture because this will remove any mold spores. After the vacuuming is completed, use denatured alcohol combined with water--one part of each--and moisten a soft cloth with the mixture, The cloth needs to be just barely damp; wipe the surface of the upholstery with the damp cloth and then allow it to dry completely.
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1. Air out the furniture by placing it in a room with open windows or a garage. Leave it there for a few days. 2. Thin a can of polyurethane with some paint thinner. Use a solution
1. Kill the mold by soaking the clothes overnight in a solution such as. one. of the following: One cup ammonia to one gallon warm water; or. One cup of white vinegar to one gallon
Take a packet of bi-carb soda and a packet of loose leaf tea. Mix these together and place them on trays in the drawers and cupboards of the furniture. After a week the smell will
If it is a cloth or upholstered couch.use full strength vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the entire sofa. The vinegar kills any mildew and the mildew/musty smell. When dry, sprinkle
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