How to Remove Skin Tags with Nail Polish?


To remove nail polish from the skin dip a cotton ball into nail polish remover. Use the cotton ball to wipe off the nail polish from the skin. Wash your hands afterwards with soap and water.
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1. Allow the nail polish to dry completely on the skin before you attempt to remove it. Trying to remove wet polish will result in it spreading to a larger area on your skin. 2. Scratch
The best way to remove nail polish from skin is to put nail polish remover on a cotton ball and put it on the part of your skin and rub it after you get it off make sure you wash
1. Take a generous amount of baking soda in a cup and add a little warm water. Mix it up into a grainy paste. Ad. 2. Apply the paste to a soft scourer and scrub the offending blotch
goof off or grandmas secret spot remover. goof off is sold at lowes and home depot, grandmas at ac moore craft stores. safe on skin AND fabrics, will take the color and stain right
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How to Remove Nail Polish From Skin
In the course of painting your nails you may get nail polish on your skin. You may do this by applying too much polish to the nail, making excess polish flow onto the skin, or because a wet nail brushed against skin on your body. Use the correct... More »
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Run your skin with the nail polish under cold water, not hot water, and use a soft cloth to gently rub away at the unwanted polish. It should disappear with relative ...
Most people will huff (inhale) nail polish remover (or really, any type of inhalant) by dousing a cotton ball with the solution and placing the cotton ball into ...
The ingredients in nail polish remover can vary slightly between brands. However, the main ingredient in most is acetone, which is a quick dissolving compound ...
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