Remove Paint from Linoleum?


There are several ways of how to remove paint from linoleum depending on the type of paint being removed. If the paint is latex, a mixture of dish soap and water will work when poured over linoleum and allowed to sit for some time and then the linoleum scrubbed. For oil paint the surface has to be scrubbed harder. You can also use citrus cleaner following the same procedure or denatured alcohol or just scrapping with a sharp metal spatula.
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1. Spray WD-40 on the area of your linoleum floor that has the paint on it. Feel free to be generous with the spray. There is no need to wait any length of time. You can immediately
go to your local lowes. in their paint dept there should be a product called goo off in a red and yellow can. it works great!
1. Clear the work area. Remove all large appliances, furniture, or other obstacles from the linoleum surface. Ad. 2. Cut the linoleum into 12-inch (34. 48 cm) strips using a sharp
This cleaning procedure could remove the stain, especially if it is not very dark. Vacuum the floor to remove all loose dirt. Wet the stained area of the floor with clean water applied
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