Remove Porcupine Quills from Dog?


Using needle nose pliers grasp each quill near the dogs skin and pull straight out. Once all of the quills are out apply a topical antiseptic to the area to prevent infection. If it is painful or the quills are too deep you may need to take the dog to the vet to be sedated and have them removed.
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Contain your dog. A helper holding a leash will usually do but, depending on the dog, you may wish to muzzle the dog before proceeding. Go through the following steps for each quill
Pull them out with pliers if there are only a few. If there are a lot, a veterinarian can administer anesthesia and pull them out for you. Porcupine quills are tipped with microscopic
Oh no! Lassie saw a scary animal and played with it. Now your dog has these strange-looking quills impaled on its face, its legs, and also on its body! What creature could have done
You'll have to take him to the vet. The vet will have to sedate him in order to remove the quills. He'll probably also put him on antibiotic so he doesn't get an infection. Don't
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If a dog has several porcupine quills in its nose, a veterinarian may need to be consulted. To remove quills if there are only a few in the dogs nose, use some ...
Cooper, a Malamute mix, tangles with a porcupine that the dog thought was a threat to its master. The poor dog was riddled with porcupine quills after the encounter ...
The way to treat a dog that comes in contact with a porcupine is to put on a pair of gloves, get a pair of needle nose pliers or tweezers and pull the quills out ...
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