How to Remove Excess Salt from Soup?


You can use potatoes or eggplant to absorb the excess salt from soup. Another option would be to add bread to the soup. You will need to let the soup simmer for between 15 and 30 minutes to remove some of the excess salt.
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1. Peal a large raw potato. 2. Cut the potato into four equal-sized pieces. 3. Put the potato quarters in the soup and simmer the soup for fifteen minutes. 4. Remove the potato quarters
First off if you watch a movie or Lost you would think you can just boil the salt out of the water, but think again it is not that easy! This site will give you a few different ways
If you are making soup and you made it too salty, add potatoes. The potatoes starch will help draw out the salt and mellow it down! For a big pot of soup I would suggest 4-5 potatoes
according to a chef mate of mine it can't be done,can always add but you can't take out
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You really can't remove salt from soup, you simply have to add more things that will absorb the salty flavor. Adding more meat will help, or even bread products ...
Removing salt from food that has been over salted, such as a soup or stew, is really quite easy. All you need to do is add one or more peeled uncooked potatoes ...
If you have oversalted food you can try simply brushing off the extra salt depending on the type of food. If you have a liquid food such as soup that is too salty ...
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