Remove Scratches from Hardwood Floors?


Hardwood floor can be scratched quite easily by furniture or appliances. You can remove surface scratches on hardwood floors by cleaning the scratch with a floor cleaner and wiping with a wet cloth, and once dry applying a layer of protective coating. You can remove deeper scratches by cleaning first, then gently buffing the scratch with steel wool, and waxing the area.
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1. Clean the scratched wood area with a clean cloth and commercial wood cleaner. You want all the dirt and grime out of the picture. This way you get a perfect look at the scratch
the best ways to remove scratches from a hardwood floors are either you sand it or have someone do it for you.
1. Inspect the scratched area of the floor to determine the depth of the scratch. Scratches are damage to the surface layer of the floor only. Sometimes scratches are only in the
Refinishing hardwood floors probably ranks among the top ten messiest things in the world, if there were such a list. Sanding hardwood floors creates a tremendous amount of dust,
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