How do you remove scratches from hardwood floors?


Bob Vila suggests using wax or acrylic floor polish to conceal light scratches in hardwood flooring. As an alternative, Vila suggests applying a product specifically designed to renew the wood such as Hardwood Floor Reviver from Minwax. Clean the floor thoroughly before applying. Sanding the floor is not necessary, although the product needs to be applied again every few months. Never use on wood laminate or factory-finished flooring.

Vila suggests using a stain to fix scratches that are so deep that they reach bare wood. Apply a traditional wood stain in a matching color with a small brush or a cotton swab. Wipe up any excess stain before it dries completely. Stain markers and blending pencils in an array of colors are also available at hardware stores or home improvement centers to fix this type of scratch.

Vila suggests using a pre-colored latex wood filler for a deep gouge. Apply the filler with a plastic putty knife, the tool least likely to cause further damage to the floor surface. Use fine-grit sandpaper to level the floor surface after the wood filler has completely dried. Apply varnish thinned with 10 percent or 20 percent turpentine over the now filled, deep gouge.

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1. Clean the scratched wood area with a clean cloth and commercial wood cleaner. You want all the dirt and grime out of the picture. This way you get a perfect look at the scratch
the best ways to remove scratches from a hardwood floors are either you sand it or have someone do it for you.
I had some deep scratches on my hardwood floors from moving furniture. Removing them depends on what kind of wood it is, I would take a look at this site, it should be able to help
1. Blot the excess blood on the hardwood floor with a dry cloth or paper towel. Do not rub, just blot as rubbing can cause the blood stain to spread or go deeper. Ad. 2. Sprinkle
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How to Remove Scratches From Hardwood Floors
There is nothing more beautiful than a well kept hardwood floor. The natural warm beauty is welcoming in any home or business. Unfortunately, hardwood floors can be fairly difficult to maintain. They must be sanded, waxed, and cleaned fairly regularly.... More »
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