Remove Silver Nitrate Stains?


Photographers that develop their own film are familiar with the stains that silver nitrate can leave on the skin. The residue can be difficult to remove if you do not remove it quickly. If it does dry on the skin then it will eventually fade as new skin is made and the old skin dies off. You will need ammonia, liquid soap, water and a cloth to remove the silver nitrate stains on your hands. You only need to add 1 teaspoon to the water that you will use to scrub your skin. After you have scrub you need to rinse your hands with the liquid soap. The process may have to be repeated.
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1. Put on latex gloves. 2. Apply a bit of ammonia solution to an unseen area of the fabric, such as a hidden seam. If there is no color change in the fabric, the solution can be used
I have stained badly on my hand. Tonight I tried what I could find. And had no joy. Here's a list of what definiteily does NOT work: 1 Straight hydrogen peroxide. 2. Dip It Coffeemaker
If skin is exposed to silver nitrate, wash the area
1 Wet a clean rag. Ad 2 Pour a little table salt onto the wet rag. 3 Rub over the area of the egg stain on the silver item. 4 Continue rubbing until the stain comes off. 5 Polish
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How to Remove Silver Nitrate Stains
Silver nitrate has many uses in today's world, ranging from photography and ceramics to the laboratory. During use, accidents can and will inevitably happen, and the silver nitrate will be spilled on clothes, fabrics and surfaces. Silver nitrate is a... More »
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