How to Remove the Smoke Smell from a House or Clothes?


To remove the smoke smell inc clothes, it is necessary to wash them properly with soap with a fragrant smell. Perfume can also be sprayed on the clothes to take away the smoke smell. This is also applicable to removing the smoke smell from the house.
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1. Fill a 5-gallon bucket halfway full with warm water. Fill the bucket to 5 inches from the top with white vinegar. 2. Place the clothing into the solution and press down so they
Air it out. The best way to get smoke out is to air it out and use an odor neutralizer. If you have an air purifier, that will speed the process up.
1 Bring hygiene/scented products with you when you take a smoke. These can be things such as deodorant, aftershave, perfume, etc. Ad
Soap. Hang a bar of soap in your closet...put the bar in a knee-high stocking; tie the stocking to a hanger, and hang it. The soap will neutralize the smoke smell. Source: My sister-in-law
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Depending on the material the clothes are made of, it can sometimes be nearly impossible to get out imbedded smoke smells. One of the best solutions that seems ...
Soaking your clothing in detergent and warm water should get smoke smells out of your clothing as long as you don't reintroduce them to the smoke. If this doesn't ...
You can remove cigarette smell from clothes by adding a quarter of a cup of baking soda to the wash cycle. There are also products made specifically for this. ...
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