How do you remove a sour smell from laundry?


If laundry comes out of the washing machine smelling sour, the first thing to do is to rewash the laundry in small loads using the hottest temperature permitted for the type of clothing and using the normal amount of detergent. Another way to remove sour smells from laundry is to rewash them using sudsy ammonia--no more than one cup per load--and rinsing them twice. One way to avoid the problem in the first place to is be careful not to overload the washing machine; in an overloaded washing machine, the clothes don't have room to move around or be properly rinsed.
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Clothes that stay wet for too long start to grow mold or mildew, and these microscopic organisms can make clothes smell musty, sour, acrid or any combination of these. Clothes must
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If you have a moldy or musty smelling laundry, add a cup of vinegar and wash without detergent in the hottest water possible. Once it is done, wash with detergent ...
Try adding a half cup of baking soda to the water when doing laundry. Add this once the washer is full of water and getting ready to start the cycle. ...
To remove a mildew smell in laundry, you may have to rewash the laundry. You should put approximately 1/2 cup of bleach into the washer when rewashing the mildewed ...
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