Remove Stains from Bonded Teeth?


Different bonds are made from different materials, and some materials will not release the stain. It also depends upon the deepness of a stain. If the stain is on the surface, it can be polished off. If the stain is within the material, the surface will have to be removed and re-surfaced.
Q&A Related to "Remove Stains from Bonded Teeth?"
1. Polish your stained teeth with fresh strawberry paste. Strawberries contain an enzyme called malic acid that is found in high-quality commercial whitening toothpastes. Mash three
Remove red wine stains from teeth by using Wine Naps. you can use it on your lips too! winenaps are great.
1. Rinse out as much tomato stain as possible with cool water. Scrape off any solid tomato matter with a spoon. Turn your white clothing inside out and hold it so the stain is facing
1. Scrape off excess amounts of lip gloss using a plastic utensil or the edge of a credit card. 2. Pre-treat the stain with a solvent or any other pre-treat detergent that targets
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