How do you remove stains from a fiberglass tub?


Remove stains from a fiberglass laundry tub with a mild abrasive to restore its original appearance. Rust can dirty the laundry if not cleaned regularly.
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1. Put on rubber gloves and apply a spray cleaner to the tub surface before wiping down the entire tub. This will remove any run-of-the-mill dirt and grime, making it easier to target
Stain Removal CLR in a small dose to start. Answer My husband does fiberglassing on yachts for a living and I asked him and he said ... re-fiberglass is your only option. answer Try
You could try leaving a solution of bleach in the bathtub for a few hours, but that would possibly corrode your plughole. Have you tried a cream-cleaner? If the ink has penetrated
Wondering how to remove stain from wood? Unlike paint, stain is transparent to allow the wood grain to show through. You can't just slap a new coat of stain on finished wood-you'll
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How do I Remove Stains From a Fiberglass Tub?
Fiberglass tubs are durable but collect stains such as soap scum on the surface. As we wash, dirt and oil from our skin mingles with the soap leaving behind a greasy scum on the surface of the fiberglass tub. Allowing the stains to remain makes them... More »
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