Remove Stains from Fiberglass Tub?


Remove stains from a fiberglass laundry tub with a mild abrasive to restore its original appearance. Rust can dirty the laundry if not cleaned regularly.
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1. Fill a spray bottle with undiluted white vinegar. 2. Keep a spray bottle of vinegar handy for regular bathtub cleaning. Spray the undiluted vinegar over the surface of the fiberglass
Remove cat feces by turning the hot water on and let it run until it is hot. Then, plug the tub and fill it with hot water to the level of the stain. Put 1/2 cup of dishwasher detergent
You could try leaving a solution of bleach in the bathtub for a few hours, but that would possibly corrode your plughole. Have you tried a cream-cleaner? If the ink has penetrated
If it's built into the wall, you'll have to take the tiles off first. If it has a panel, take that off, fixings will be under the tiles, or what ever is on the front. It's fibreglass
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If you have stains on the tub of your clothes dryer, you can remove these by using a spray cleaner, mild abrasive or laundry stain treatment. Rub this on the ...
I have had success with using vinegar to remove yellow stains from countertops. I put some vinegar on the spot and cover with a soft cloth. I have left this for ...
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