How to Remove a Ceiling Stipple?


To remove a stipple ceiling begin by using a large garden sprayer full of clean water and spray the ceiling with water. Peel stipple from the ceiling using a wide putty knife. When finished, set up fans in the room and allow the ceiling to air dry.
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1. Remove as much furniture as possible from the room. It is easiest and safest to work in an empty room, but bulky furniture can be worked around if needed. 2. Cover the floors with
If you hadn't said oil based paint the fix is easy but a real mess. First you have to strip off the paint, which is daunting. Put stripper on the ceiling (make sure its a heavy gel
1. Repair any cracks or imperfections in your ceiling with a spackling compound and a trowel. Ad. 2. Paint a coat of white primer over the entire ceiling and allow it to dry completely
To cover imperfections in plaster/drywall. It helps camouflage or hide the highs and lows that occur over time. Wall sheet rock does "hang" like ceiling sheet rock does.
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