How do I remove tire marks from a concrete driveway?


Use a thick coating of degreasing solution to cover those unsightly tire marks on your concrete driveway. Scrub the solution in to help loosen the mark. Let it sit and soak in for several minute. Then remove with a pressure washer and your trusted garden hose. Just remember to keep the washer moving, as the pressurized water will erode your concrete driveway if you're not careful.
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1. Apply a coating of degreaser solution thick enough to completely cover the tire marks. Scrub the solution in with your brush to penetrate and loosen the tire rubber. 2. Allow the
1 Encircle the spill with sand, dirt, sawdust or cat litter to prevent further spreading. Ad 2 Soak up the spill using an absorbent towel, cloth or powder. 3 Apply an engine degreaser
I tried those store bought cleaners for concrete, and they kind of worked, but they were still there. So i used some regular dish soap and a scrub brush and it worked great. marks
Tide + Bleach and good stiff garage broom to scrub it. soak for 20 to 30 min. then scrub.
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How to Remove Tire Marks From a Concrete Driveway
A tire mark on your concrete driveway is an unsightly blemish. Car or bicycle tires can leave their marks just from sitting in the hot sun. Accidental tire spins also mar the concrete. Once ingrained into the surface pores, these marks can be difficult... More »
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