How Do You Get Rid of the Smell of Turpentine from Clothes?


To remove the turpentine smell from clothes, soak the clothing in a mixture of vinegar and water. Next, wash the clothing with your usual detergent and vinegar. Once the clothing is dry, the smell should be gone.
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1. Air a room where turpentine has been spilled on the floor or carpet. Sop up the excess with paper towels and let the area dry. Clean the floor with soapy water. If the spill is
I bought a product called What Odor? I've used it on much fouler a stench and it completely eliminated them fot good. No doubt in my mind it will work for this! If not they offer
1 Kill the mold by soaking the clothes overnight in a solution such as ONE of the following : One cup ammonia to one gallon warm water; or One cup of white vinegar to one gallon warm
If it's a long lasting smell lingering after the above mentioned washing, try using a good enzymatic cleaner (think pet stains, etc). These are made to break down proteins. Just saturate
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