Remove Water Stain from Silk?


To remove water stains from silk, first dampen the spot with water. Then rub a damp cloth over the spot. Be sure not to apply to much pressure. Once this process is complete, you will need to apply steam over the spot. Let the steam run until the stain disappears.
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1. Check the color fastness of the silk item. Choose an inner seam that cannot be seen from the outside of the item. Dampen the fabric lightly with water and then run a soft, white
1. Lay the stained silk item on a flat surface. Ad. 2. Blot the excess blood with a cloth or paper towel. Do not rub, just blot so as not to spread the blood stain. Repeat the blotting
No you will have to get it drycleaned. It doesn't cost much.Silk should always be drycleaned if you want it to look its best and to last.
1. Place a dry, lint-free cloth over the stain. 2. Set an iron, turned to high dry heat, on top of the cloth, for five seconds. Allowing the iron to remain on the table for longer
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