How do you remove wrinkles from paper?


To remove wrinkles from folded paper, connect an iron to a power line and heat it up. Press a cloth on the paper while ironing it back and forth. Remove the paper and put it in a big book, somehow in the middle and then put other two or three other similar big books on top of the first one. Leave the book in that position for some time and then later remove them. By this you will have removed wrinkles on the paper.
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1. Heat up an iron to a low setting with steam. Meanwhile, set up an ironing board and place the wrinkled paper on the board. 2. Lay a press cloth on the paper. This step is important
Use some white-out,or color it in.
1. Put the wrinkled items into dryer. Ad. 2. Moisten about half of a sock, or a washcloth, and add it to the dryer. 3. Set the dryer on a fluff or medium heat setting for 15-20 minutes
put flour in it.
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