Removing Bleeding Pink Laundry Stains?


If a pink or red sock gets into your load of white laundry you might end up with your clothes being a light pink. Rewash your clothes with either a cup of distilled vinegar added in with your normal detergent or non chlorine bleach. If you dried your clothes before trying to remove the stain you will need to soak them in a solution of warm water and oxygen based bleach for at least 8 hours. If the stains are gone you should be able to wash normally if not soak the clothes for another 8 hours with a new mixture.
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1. Pre-treat the stained fabric with a laundry detergent prescribed for heavy stains. Place the items in the sink or a plastic bin. Pour a little detergent over them, and work it
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Laundry Detergent Gets Rid Of Smells And Odors And Stain Removers Get Stains Out.
None. But in the laundry aisle at the Market is a product that draws out the color. One manufacturer is Carbona and the other is Shout It is called a Dye Magnet
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Removing Bleeding Pink Laundry Stains
It's happened to nearly everyone, a red shirt gets washed with a load of light-colored clothing. The result is a load of pink-stained laundry. Once laundry is dye-stained, quick removal is important. There are a few tried-and-true methods of removing... More »
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