How to Remove a Saturn Ion Rear Brake Drum?


To remove the brake drum on Saturn you begin by removing the tire. You then pull the drum off. You will see then that the brakes are held in place by a series of levies and springs. Unhook the spring to get the brake off then reverse the directions to put the new one on.
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1. Do not apply the parking brake or you'll be unable to remove the rear drums on the Saturn Ion. (One of the rear shoes is attached to the parking brake cable and activates when
Here is how I did it. they can be hard. make sure emergency brake is off. I used a small bubble jack and just went around it slowly until it popped off.
The rear brakes is important in helping to stop a car. While, of course the front brakes do most of the work, the rear brakes does have some effect in slowing down the car. Learn
The vibration is caused by the rotors being warped. Remove the front tires and check the front brake pads. Replace if needed. This is a pretty straight forward job. The rotors are
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Instructions on brake drum removal in a Ford are in the service manual. When a person removes the brake drum on a Ford, they may need to use a lubricant to help ...
You can remove drum brakes by putting the vehicle on jacks so it doesn't fall, remove the tires and take off the drums. Then you will see the brakes just take ...
If you're going to remove brake drums you need to make sure you support the car on jacks do it doesn't fall. Then remove the tires, followed by the drum just take ...
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