How to Remove Mold & Mildew on a Deck?


You can remove mold & mildew on a deck by applying vinegar or bleaching detergent on the deck and let it soak for preferably 3-5 minutes. Ensure that the surface should not dry up and later you can rinse up the deck and leave it under the sun. Molds and mildew are not friendly to the sun which will kill the spores. Deck mildew can be removed by seeing how much has been damaged and spraying the affected area using hose spray and later you can clean or scrub the surface hard to remove the mildew.
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1. Read the directions on the wood cleaning product. Some allow you to spray or pour on. Others may need to dilute in water. It is important to understand the instructions and warnings
1 Mix household detergent with water . 2 Put on gloves, goggles, and a mask . 3 Wash affected area with clean cloth and scrub brush 4 Dry area completely .
1. Isolate the area with the mildew and lift the cover of the down product so that it is raised as far from the down as possible. 2. Mix equal parts vinegar, bleach and hydrogen peroxide
1. Open all compartments of the backpack, and sprinkle a heavy dusting of baking soda into all openings. 2. Close all compartments and let the baking soda sit in the backpack overnight
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