Removing File Cabinet Lock?


If you can't open your locked file cabinet and can't find the code for the key to get it replaced you can remove it manually. Always use safety goggles to protect your eyes from any possible harm. Use a crowbar to pry away the hasp from the cabinet by sticking the flat end under the hasp and push down on it carefully until the hasp comes from free the cabinet. You can then remove the lock from your file cabinet and get any contents you need from inside it.
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1. Contact the manufacturer of the file cabinet and request a replacement key. 2. Take the code number from the original key (hopefully you wrote it down and kept it somewhere safe)
There are so many types: Newer (cheap) file cabinet drawers can be removed (after removing most of the weight) by pulling the drawer out to it's limit then slightly lift the front
With a big hammer. ChaCha
I've had a similar problem but the locks may not be exactly the same. With my lock I found that there was a ring on the back side of the lock that screwed on to hold it in place -
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You have four options when it comes to removing a lock from a file cabinet. If you want to preserve the lock, then you should get a replacement made. Otherwise ...
To replace a filing cabinet lock you will first need to open the cabinet and remove the C-clip. This will allow you to remove the old lock. Then simply install ...
How you open a locked file cabinet really depends on the cabinet. Some models are different than others. You can try tilting the cabinet back and feel for a small ...
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