How can you remove green tint from your hair?


Green tinted hair is usually as a result of spending a lot of time in a swimming pool. You can also frequently wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo that removes green tones. Green coloring in your hair can also be removed by home remedies such as aspirin, tomatoes juice, lemon juice and baking soda.
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Chemicals found in chlorine do not only reside in swimming pools, but may also find their way into your tap water where they can turn your blonde hair an unattractive shade of green
use a red based color and apply it to your hair color formula or to remove some of the green in your hair but it will not remove all, wash ur hair with ketchup, it actually works !
Purchase a shampoo that is specific for canceling out ash, green
metaflex at a hair specialty store. Source(s) used it before.
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One way to remove a green tint from blonde hair is to dye your hair a darker color. You should be careful when dyeing your hair a too light of a color. ...
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