Removing Latex Paint from Wood Trim?


To remove latex paint from wood trims, normally only requires warm water and dish cleansing agent, a little elbow grease as long as the stain is relatively new. If the latex paint spots have had a few days or weeks to sit on the wood, then you will need to sand the stains off using finer sanding sponge or use a putty knife to clean paint off of the top and straight areas. For old larger paint stains, take a dry shop rag and apply a little paint thinner. Wash the area with warm water and detergent soap.
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1. For new latex paint stains, fill a bucket with warm water and add a few drops of liquid dish detergent. Dip a shop rag in the solution and scrub the paint stains and droplets.
I sand it off or just buy new wood trim.
Goof off, you can get it just about anywhere and it works.I took paint off oak trim that looked like it had been there for many years.
1. Buy a gel based paint stripper such as Citristrip. It is non-toxic. The benefits it gives you include the ability to work at any hour of the day, tolerable aroma, and ease of knowing
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