Removing Oil Based Paint Smell?


To remove an oil-based paint smell, there are many different home remedies out there that are tested and tried. One of the most popular home remedies to remove an oil-based paint smell is to use lemons. Lemons and water together can naturally get rid of the horrible smell and get you back to breathing fresh air again!
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1. Pour 2 cups of white distilled vinegar into a bowl. Set the bowl in the room with the oil-based paint smell where it will not be messed with by children or household pets. Leave
Put an open box of baking powder in it.
1. Choose an oil-based paint that is labeled "low VOC. This means that the paint contains lower levels of volatile organic compounds than traditional oil-based paint. Low VOC
If it is relatively fresh, you may be able to use turpentine to get rid of it. If it has been there for a while, your only option may be to paint over it.
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How to Remove an Oil-Based Paint Smell
Oil-based paints are used on many surfaces, from wood to plastic to ceramic to china. Because they are oil-based, they can be difficult to remove; it can be even more difficult to remove the odors resulting from their use, which can be virtually... More »
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