How do you remove paint from hardwood floors?


Removing paint from hardwood floors must be done carefully to prevent permanent damage to the wood. While stripping or sanding the wood may be the only solution if the entire floor has been painted, there are other solutions to try when you just want to remove paint splatters.

  1. Scrape paint off the floor

    Use a putty knife made of hard plastic to scrape up individual drops. Tap it gently with a hammer to break up globs of paint.

  2. Warm the paint with a hair dryer

    Heat any remaining paint with a hair dryer set to high heat and held 3 inches over the paint for 20 seconds. The heat should loosen the paint, which you can then chip away with your plastic putty knife. This technique works best with oil-based enamel paints.

  3. Apply mineral spirits or latex paint remover to the paint

    Dampen a clean rag with a paint-removing solution and apply it gently to any remaining paint splotches. Use latex paint remover for latex-based paints and mineral spirits for oil-based paints.

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1. Mix ¼ cup lemon juice and ¾ cup rubbing alcohol into a bowl. 2. Dip a rag into the mixture and wipe it onto the paint stain. Use a plastic putty knife, credit card
1. Prepare your paint remover, bucket with water, smooth brush, detergent, spatula, gloves, and facemask. Check the kind of paints applied to the wood, usually hard wood floors is
Removing paint from hardwood floors may seem difficult and complicated but it can be simple with the right tools and a few tricks. Here are some tips that can help you remove paint
depending on what the paint is you can get paint remover or you can get very fine sand paper and sand out.
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Removing Paint From Hardwood Floors
Removing paint from hardwood floors can be a big hassle. While the process isn't extremely challenging, it requires a lot of time. You have to be cautious about what you use to remove the paint as you can risk scratching the finish or warping an entire... More »
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