Removing Paint from Metal Railings?


First, removal method depends entirely on if you are repainting the metal railing or just leaving it bare. If you plan to repaint, you can scratch the paint of with a metal wire brush, which will score the railing and making the new primer bond extremely well. If you are not repainting, use a paint stripping compound that can be found at any home maintenance store or section.
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1. Clean the entire metal railing by rubbing it with a damp cloth. Fill a bucket with equal parts of white vinegar and water; then use a scrub brush to scrub the railing with the
You can use a propane torch or heat gun to soften the paint so you can easily scrape it off. Be cautious of the heated metal. Or, you can find chemical strippers to remove paint from
1 Drape drop cloths around the foot of the railings and around anything that you do not want tarnished. Affix the drop cloths to the surrounding area. Ad 2 Put on safety goggles and
Try acetone or nail polish remover. be sure to test on hidden spot to be sure the paint wont get removed as well.
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1. Attach the 4-inch wire wheel to the grinder. Use the wire wheel around the welded joints on the railing. The welds will be located where the vertical supports ...
1. Slide on work gloves, safety glasses and a dust mask to protect your skin, eyes and lungs. Remove any existing rails from existing posts. 2. Measure the length ...
To remove paint from metal hinges you will need a knife, a screw driver, a towel, a paint stripper, steel wool and metal polish. Start by cutting around the hinges ...
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