Removing Permanent Marker from Metal?


Permanent marker can be a great way to make notations on any surface. However, sometimes it is accidentally put where it shouldn't be and needs to be removed. A clever trick to remove permanent marker from metal is to use hair spray and scrub it clean.
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1. Dampen a corner of a soft cloth with rubbing alcohol. Use this to apply the alcohol to the marker stain. 2. Wet another corner of the cloth with alcohol. Swipe this over the stain
1. Use alcohol. Find yourself some liquor. Bourbon works just fine, especially 101 proof. Any liquor above 80 proof will work for this, but rubbing alcohol works even better. Apply
Here is a step by step guide.
I just completed a Science Project and this was my project, to find what will remove permant markers. I found that white vinegar removed the marks well on paper.
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To remove permanent black marker, get some stain remover and apply it to the permanent marker stain. Soak a rag or a foam in rubbing alcohol and rub onto any leftover ...
The best way to remove permanent marker from upholstery is by using a wet, cotton, cloth using hairspray. Gently wipe the stain with the clean portion of the cloth ...
The moment ink from a permanent marker stains microfiber; it easily goes deep into the material and becomes a menace. To save the microfiber and prevent the ink ...
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