How do you remove photographs stuck to glass?


If for some reason your photograph has gotten stuck to the glass of your picture frame, you should never try and pull it off. Get a humidifier and fill it with distilled water. Pass the corner of the photograph over the steam from the humidifier and then gently pull at the corner of the photo. Once it gives resistance, stop pulling and put it over the steam again and then pull a bit more until you feel more resistance. Repeat until your photograph is free.
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1. Place the glass and picture in a plastic, sandwich-style bag. Leave the bag open so that moisture can escape. 2. Place the bag with the frame and picture inside in your freezer
If the photo is highly valuable to you, consider having the image photographed through the glass first by a professional. If you are willing to take a risk, purchase film wetting
Soak it in 100 degree F water if color, and 68 degree F water if Black and White. After some soaking, they should slide right off the glass and you can then dry them to finish to
1. Add a drop or two of cooking oil to the edge of the glass stopper. Ad. 2. Stand the whole decanter in a warm place, such as a heated room or the kitchen during cooking. 3. Get
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Removing Photographs That Are Stuck to Glass
Begin by making a scanned copy of your photo. This is a necessary precaution in case your photo is damaged when being removed from the glass or subjected to the following method. If the photo is in a frame, remove the glass and the attached photo from... More »
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