How to Remove Plaque in Arteries?


To remove plaque from arteries one can use natural remedies such as Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3's can be found in walnuts, fish oil and flax seed. Vitamin C also helps to remove plaque from arteries.
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Removing Plaque From Arteries
The circulatory system moves blood through the body, providing nutrients and oxygen to all the various organs and tissues. The blood is then pumped away with the left over garbage, filtered out in the liver, kidneys, and other places. When there is a... More »
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1. Get a referral to a surgeon, who will assess the severity of arterial plaque and determine if surgery is required, or if monitoring the problem is sufficient. 2. Ask about carotid
Carotid Artery Endarterectomy is the procedure
Plaque is a term used to describe the buildup that can occur along the walls of your arteries. If your bloodstream has a high level of fat and cholesterol, the excess will develop
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1. Consult your doctor for medicinal ways of removing artery plaque. There are many natural ways to remove plaque in arteries but serious problems may require ...
Clogged arteries is typically caused by plaque found in the arteries. This can be present for a number of reasons, but is mostly due to poor diet for most people ...
Plaque in the arteries refers to a medical condition which is preventable and treatable. It is caused by high blood pressure, diabetes, poor diet, genetics, overweight ...
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