Removing Rust from Cast Iron Kettle?


To Remove Rust from a cast-Iron kettle, you will have to start by scrubbing the rust spots, rinse with warm clean water, sponge it dry and apply a thin coating of cooking oil on the entire kettle to protect it from rusting. When scrubbing the kettle use materials which are strong can have high friction value when in contact with the rusted kettle for example steel wool.
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1. Scrub off the surface rust, using a steel-wool pad. Scrub back and forth or in small circles to get rid of the stains. 2. Clean the kettle with dishwashing liquid and hot water
If you learn how to remove rust from cast iron that has been abused or neglected, you can salvage a perfectly useable piece of cookware. If you've got new cast-iron cookware, there
If you live in the South, then you probably own one or more pieces of cast-iron cookware. If you have neglected your cast iron pan or bought used pieces
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How to Remove Rust From a Cast-Iron Kettle
Most people enjoy a good cup of tea or coffee. Kettles are a convenient way to boil the water for a hot beverage. But a cast-iron kettle has inconveniences as well. In addition to its high price, cast-iron kettles are prone to reddish-brown rust. Such... More »
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