Removing Skunk Scent Glands?


There are many people who are fond of keeping skunks as pets but the skunks' spray keeps them from doing so. Although most skunks only spray when they are injured or attacked, it is always best to get rid of their scent glands. A skunk's scent gland can be easily removed by carrying out a simple operation.
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High. You're robbing him of the ability to defend himself. They don't make good pets, and should be in their habitat. Don't do it. Oh, you meant the cost. to YOU!
1. Mix one quart of three percent hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda and one teaspoon of liquid soap in a bowl. Remove any jewelry before washing yourself because your skin may
If your skunk has not been de-scented you should take it back to the breeder where you got it. Vets will not de-scent a skunk and the main reason that skunks are so pricey is because
The glands located under the skin below the tail squirt a noxious smelling
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