Removing Skunk Smell from Car?


The smell of skunk can last a long time in your car if you don't know how to remove it. Like anything that gets sprayed by a skunk, it needs to be thoroughly washed and cleaned. Tomato juice will stain your seats, so it is best to use a skunk remover product. Make sure to put a lot of air freshener in your car and leave the windows down for a long period of time.
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1. Attach a spray nozzle to a water hose and spray the area under your car thoroughly. The blast of water from the spray nozzle will help remove some of the musk present on the underside
Make up the following mixture and spray it on your car where the smell seems to be. . If you get the mixture on all the skunk smell it reacts chemically to kill the smell. ( Works
1. Combine: 1 quart of hydrogen peroxide. 1/4 cup of baking soda. 1 teaspoon of dish soap. Ad. 2. Apply the mixture to the affected areas. 3. Let it set for about five minutes. 4.
In a large bucket mix 10 parts hydrogen peroxide with 1 part baking soda & a dash of any
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Removing Skunk Smell From Car
Hitting a skunk is one of the most inconvenient problems you could run into. The smell that a skunk emits can creep into the inside of a car after the critter is hit, and the smell will linger for quite awhile, sometimes even weeks! There are many... More »
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A skunk's smell is similar to that of burning rubber or plastic. A skunk can spray your pet or items in the house and this will require immediate removal since ...
If you hit a skunk with your car, you can call the police to alert them so the animal can be removed from the road. You may have to wash any blood splatter from ...
To remove the smell of gas from your car, clean out the car completely of anything that could have soaked up the smell. If you have a gas can in the trunk, carefully ...
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