How to Remove Tree Stakes?


If you want to remove survey stakes you might be able to use the claw section of a hammer to pry out the stakes. If you need to take out tree stakes, you can try twisting them back and forth to loosen the dirt around the stakes. Once the soil has been loosened, you should be able to pull them out.
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1. Walk around the staked tree. Look for indications the tree is over a year old or more, such as indentations in the wood from the stakes. 2. Measure the tree's width and height,
On a survey stake it reads: 5' EC ER TC = Fl. What does this mean?
What kind of stakes - metal or wood? metal from a speciality shop or metal shop. Wood from a lumber company.
Hello Art: Of course, there's nothing illegal about ANYBODY moving them. It depends on WHY they moved them. IF it was to CHEAT somebody, then it's illegal. If it's to mow the lawn
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You read survey stakes by noting the colors. White on the stake tends to be for a proposed excavation. Blue flags mean that water lines are in the vicinity, yellow ...
You need to attend courses in surveying in order to read a construction survey stake. Using it, you can measure elevation and distance. ...
Property lines are normally defined by state-licensed land surveyors. They will install survey stakes around your home, using a map called as Plat.If you are trying ...
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