Rename Mixed Numbers in Simplest Form?


To rename a fraction or mixed number in the simplest form you first multiply the denominator by the whole number. and add to the numerator. Then you divide the denominator by the numerator. An example would be 3 6/5, 5 x 3 = 15 + 6 = 21/5 = 4 1/5.
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you can rename a mixed number in the simplest form by taking the number and multiplying the number by the denominator and add the numerator to that number and keep the same denominator
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1. Determine the fraction portion of the mixed number. For example, in the mixed number 6 and 10/8, the fraction is 10/8. 2. Compare the numerator (the number on top of the fraction
The decimal .40 is 4/10 as a fraction. It can be
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