Renew Mexican Passport?


To renew a Mexican passport while in the United States, you can set up an appointment at the closest Mexican consulate by calling the MEXITEL line at 1-877-639-4835. When you appear for your appointment, be sure to bring your current passport along with two copies of the required documentation and three passport photos. If your passport is no longer current, you will need to fill out the first-time application form again. You will be able to pick your passport on the same day.
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1. Call the MEXITEL line at 1-877-639-4835 to set up an appointment at the closest Mexican consulate. 2. Go to the consulate at the appointed time. Bring the passport, along with
if you find yourself with an expired passport and in the midst of traveling plans . Passports are a great tool to have: they allow you to not only travel the world but also prove
1. Print and complete a passport application form. Complete Form C1 if you are over 16 years old and form C2 if your under 16. Make sure you initial each completed page. 2. Include
1. Complete Form DS-82 either online or in print using black ink. You can do both using the link in Resources. You need to print your online application when you are finished. Sign
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