What service does Rent-A-Center provide?


Rent-A-Center allows customers to rent or purchase furniture, electronics, computers and other appliances without a credit check. Customers are permitted to trade their rental for the newest model and may use a loaner if a product needs to be repaired. All rentals include delivery and setup free of charge.

Items rented from Rent-A-Center may be new or previously rented. Customers may choose to pay the cash price for the item within the first 90 days. Otherwise, the customer must pay a weekly rental fee. Customers can browse available merchandise by going to the local store or visiting the company's website.

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question can rent a center take you to court for damage done to their proprety such as dents,broken galss ect.
(785) 625-6900 is the phone number for the RentACenter in Hays Kansas. Thanks for using
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14023 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Woodbridge, VA
(703) 491-3111
7688 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria, VA
(703) 768-3103
18266 Contour Rd, Montgomery Village, MD
(301) 208-8400
6512 Reisterstown Rd, Baltimore, MD
(410) 358-8844
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