Repair GE Microwave?


To repair a GE microwave, you need to first ensure there's a flow of electricity in the room where the microwave is. Try using a different source of power if the microwave doesn't turn on. Also ensure the microwaves door is closed properly. Finally press clear or off on the microwave to remove any procedures previously programmed and then try programming it again to cook.
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1. Check your home’s circuit breaker to make sure that electricity flows to the room where you have your microwave. Replace the fuse or flip the breaker if necessary. 2. Unplug
1. Remove the electrical plug from the socket. Often located above the Microwave in a cabinet in built-in installations. Ad. 2. Remove microwave exterior cover by removing a few screws
1. Locate the hole in the GE washer tub. Because the interior of the washing machine can be dark, use a flashlight to determine the location of the hole. 2. Purchase a polymer composite
1. Go to your home’s breaker box and determine if all of the breakers are in the “On” position. The breaker for your kitchen should be labeled “Kitchen. Turn
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GE Microwave Repair Instructions
You've taken a look at your General Electric microwave and pressed a few buttons but nothing's happening -- the microwave is dead. Don't despair just yet, as your microwave oven could be experiencing technical difficulties rather than a full blown... More »
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