Repair Non Stick Pans?


If you scratched up your favorite nonstick pans you can attempt to repair it yourself at home. Make sure the pan is very clean before you attempt to repair it by using dish soap to wash it completely. Once you're finished with that, use a nonstick pan repairing spray and follow the directions carefully to make sure you don't mess anything up. Once it's finished let it dry for a couple days before using it.
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1. Wash the pan thoroughly so that no bits of food are stuck to the surface. Dry the pan. 2. Spray a thick, even coat of non-stick cookware repair spray, found in home improvement
It is not wise to try to repair a non-stick pan. When the "non-stick" teflon material begins to chip it can get into whatever you are cooking and be harmful. Just throw
It would cost way more to put more teflon on a pan at home. You just have to buy a new one. It's only cheap because it's don't in an industrial setting, with high vacuums, heat, and
Put a drop of olive oil on your pan and spread the oil with a paper towel which will also soak up the exess oil. Be sure to add patties to a very hot pan. Try using Rice Chex and
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How to Repair Non Stick Pans
Non-stick cooking pans are coated with a Teflon layer so you can cook without worrying about food sticking. They are very convenient but can easily become scratched and damaged when you scrape them with metal spatulas or utensils. Additionally, Teflon... More »
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