Repairing a Chipped Front Tooth?


To repair a chipped tooth you will have to see a dentist. It's best to do it as soon as possible so it doesn't break even more. It's likely they'll put a crown on it.
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1. Place your chipped piece in a tissue and a place the tissue in a plastic zippered bag and put the bag in a safe place. Stand in front of your bathroom mirror and open your mouth
A chipped tooth cannot be glued back together. The original tooth has to be ground down and have a 'crown' built to go over it. It's VERY expensive. In my area (Calif) a single crown
This depends on your area and the extent of the damage.
Depending on how much of the tooth is broken, you might need a crown, a veneer or a simple filling. In Canada, a crown costs about $1200, where a filling is around $300. Not sure
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It isn't possible to properly repair a chipped tooth at home, instead, it is necessary to have a dentist repair the chipped tooth. More importantly, this should ...
The repair of a chipped tooth should be done by a dentist. There are dentist who specialize in cosmetic dentistry, Such are the ones who will offer you this service ...
Chipped front teeth can happen at anytime. You can chip your tooth by eating something hard or getting hit in the mouth. If you notice that your tooth is chipped ...
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