How to Repair Intex Inflatable Swimming Pools?


In order to repair a hole in an Intex inflatable swimming pool you will first need to locate the hole or tear. Once the area needing repair is located you can then apply a patch specifically made for the type of material the pool is made of.
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1. Clean the area of the leak before patching. If possible, drain the water in the pool to the level of the leak. However, a good underwater, wet patch kit will work well without
Contact the manufacturer they would have the best understanding of their particular product.
The inflatable swimming pool is easy to carry and you can set up in every place you want, for example, the parks, backyard or square. It is much convenient than the build-in one.
1. Buy plumber's goop or household goop. This stuff should work on any type of inflatable that has an irregular seam. It works great and will stop the leak. Ad. 2. Dab it on. A seam
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