How do you repair a water-damaged ceiling?


Water damage can be real pain, and it is important to repair a water damaged ceiling as soon as possible, before other complications begin to arise. You will have to first drain any held up water, and then seal the leak. After this, apply water proof wallpaper, to cover the damaged area. Using an anti-mold solution is also advised as a precautionary measure.
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1. Repair the roof to stop the leak. 2. Spray the damaged area with a mixture of 1 part bleach to 2 parts water in a spray bottle. This will kill any mold that is present as well
4ftx4ft area with water damage needing scraped stain block tape and bedding,sanding and spraying new popcorn then painted to match existing ceiling color. would range from 300 to
1 Water damage affects a large number of damages to property as well as systems or electronic / electrical equipment . It could rust steel or make wood rot or effect laminated equipment
First, completely clear out the water damaged area and remove as much water as possible. Use high velocity fans to help dry, using a meter to measure humidity.
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How to Repair a Water Damaged Ceiling
A leaking roof can quickly become much more than a small inconvenience. Even after the roof is repaired, the aftermath can rot the drywall on your ceiling, stimulate mold growth, or just leave you with a nasty brown stain on your ceiling. One solution is... More »
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