How Is a C Section Performed?


Most C sections are performed with epidural or spinal anesthesia that is used to numb sensation in the abdominal area. A doctor makes an incision through the lower abdomen and uterus. The newborn is pulled through the incision along with the placenta.
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A c section is performed by having an incision in the lower abdomen. They have to cut through the skin into the uterus and remove the baby. It takes 10 minutes to get the baby out
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Relax you already know what to expect as far as the surgery goes, all that is unknown is the recovery time and no one can guess on that one. I had a cystectomy prior to my first c
A cesarean section or C-section birth is the delivery of a baby by surgery. It may be planned by your doctor or occur in an emergency. A c-section can be done for a variety of reasons
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With my second C-section it was much easier than the first. They scheduled it only a week early. The first C-section was unplanned so I had gotten an epidural ...
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